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02-05-2011, 09:31 AM
Hello everyone!

Has someone tried out DNSWLs to reduce false positives? In current 10.2 version there was a fix, so now we can reduce the antispam score according to a query on a DNSWL such as whitelisted.org on dnwsl.org.

The thing is, although sometimes it works very nicely, and avoids false positives with those messages that come from Facebook, Twitter and other major systems, it seems some spammers are whitelisted in systems such as DNSWL.org :( Also, IceWarp seems to recognize only 1 result code,, as was discussed in the old forum.

Theres also this system from the Barracuda DNSBL (which BTW seems really good, just requires registration): www.emailreg.org/

I was doing tests with content filters, to audit how well each of these DNSWLs work, but had a hard time because of what I exposed above, some nasty false negatives.

I asked IceWarp support and it seems in the future we shall have DNSWLs in spamassassin (seems it uses DNSWL), maybe that will be the way to go...

Other idea I had was to create such list myself, but I understand it can be tough. Make a list of the major system's IP range, such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

Anyone have any ideas?


03-26-2011, 03:52 PM
Hi, Márcio

It seems IceWarp will support DNSWL's directly in SpamAssassin in the near future, so it might be an easier way to use such a feature and avoid false positives. Let's see how it behaves.

All the best,