View Full Version : [Batch tip] Checking daily if main destinations receive mail from my system

04-04-2011, 08:09 PM
Hello, everyone

I've been trying to post some interesting information in terms of filters and ideas we've had here at IceWarp Brasil over the years. Sometimes they are simple things, but really effective for us. Hope it helps you also.

Nobody likes to know (possibly with a customer complaint) that your emails are not reaching important destinations such as hotmail, gmail and others.

What I do here is use a utility (Blat) to send email via command line late nite every day. The next day I check if there's any bounce back with errors in the sender account (if I send to an existing accounts) or, if I send to an inexistant account, I check if the error is something such as "mailbox not found", which indicates at least my server can reach the destination server.

You can schedule such a batch file in IceWarp System/Tools/Tasks & Events (run an executable).

blat.exe teste.txt -f test@mydomain.com -to testaccount@yahoo.com -uuencode -subject test_yahoo

Blat is available here: http://www.blat.net/

IceWarp has a utility called sendmail which can also do the job.

All the best,