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04-17-2011, 10:13 PM
Some sofware out there such as Nagios and PRTG have sensors to monitor and inform you as soon as you are listed in a DNSBL. Some sites such as dnstuff.com's RBL alerts (paid) also offer this, I believe there are also some free ones.

In this example I use an existing free web service to consult DNSBL status. You can also get such scripts and host them on your own server.

Consider scheduling not so often, such as once a day or every 12 hours, to not overload the system with requests, specially because many of these sites dislike automated systems consulting them.

I use PRTG to check for text on a web page. You can even use this using IceWarp's remote watchdog and checking if the page changed (as long as there isn't anything else on the page that changes, such as banners). I prefer a monitoring software, such as PRTG, that can look for text on a web page...

- Example to monitor DNSBLs with a Brasilian DNSBL system.

I use PRTG to monitor this web page and check if there's this term:


This means you're blacklisted on some DNSBL.

- Example to check if my rDNS is ok. Also using a Brasilian system.


Where is your server's IP.

If it returns "ERRO" (without quotes), then you possibly have problems.

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