View Full Version : [Content filter] Adding sender/recipient to header

05-23-2011, 01:11 PM
- Add recipient to header and Add recipient to header ONLY if not in BCC (or else BCCs can be revealed in header!)

1) First of all, I have a filter that adds the sender and spam reason.

Where Recipient remote
Edit message header

I add x-sender: with value %%sender%%

x-spam: with %%spamreason%%

And I also add

x-auth: %%auth_email%% (this can help to easily find out who authenticated smtp to cache abuse)

2) Note the 1st filter doesnt have "stop processing". Then comes the 2nd filter.

Where Recipient matches NOT %%BCC_Recipient%%
Edit message header

And I add x-recipient with value %%recipient%%

This second filter ONLY adds recipient if there is no recipient in BCC...

I wonder if theres a way to add recipients except the ones in BCC. Because this method above works, but if theres any BCC, then it doesnt put any recipient at all. I chose in where recipient matches NOT BCC "at least 1", but it doesnt make a different as it rejects since at least 1 occurance exists...

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