View Full Version : [Tip] Limiting emails sent by PHP mail command

06-06-2011, 10:38 AM

A small tip. Ideal is for PHP and other mechanisms to send mail via IceWarp SMTP to authenticate.

However, if that's not possible to be done currently (for example if you already permitted to send mail via PHP without authentication and don't want to change that), a small tip that has proven valuable is to create the email account defined as sender in your web server's php.ini (such as php@domain.com) in IceWarp and set a per day limit. This way you will at least know PHP mail command wont be able to send so many emails and won't be so drastic if an SMTP abuse happens.

What I've done here is let the users/sites that current use PHP without authentication, via content filter, and reject new ones (with a title filter such as "PHP mail requires authentication"), besides the tip of creating the same account defined in web server's php.ini to limit the # of emails it can send out per day.

All the best,