View Full Version : Migrating IceWarp server to other box

06-20-2011, 10:08 AM
Hello, everyone

I thought it might be a nice idea to share experiences in terms of migrating IceWarp from one box to another... Of course, it the servers are in differente remote locations its a bit tougher, the idea is to migrate, and if possible, have no downtime.

What we've done is, keep syncing (at least once or until you decide to do the move) via Robocopy:

robocopy C:\icewarp\mail\ \\otherserver\c$\icewarp\mail /mir /sec /r:00 /w:00 /log:c:\robologs\sync.log

Then after at least 1 full sync, I tell them to change MX (keep TTL low a few days before) to new box, stop SMTP in old box (or set it bkp domain without any accounts to new server).

If youre on same LAN usually it's possible to stop the old server, this way you can do a full sync (mirror) with both boxes offline.

If the servers are in remote locations and its not possible to keep it offline, then copy in 1 way, from old machine to new as per command below... Of course old server has to be offline or set with bkp domain without any accounts pointing to new server. There can be some dupes, but better then losing mail.

robocopy C:\icewarp\mail\ \\otherserver\c$\icewarp\mail /E /SEC /R:00 /W:00 /MT:32 /LOG:c:\robologs\1direction.log

Any other ideas/methods?