View Full Version : [Tip] Monitoring GroupWare in depth and accounts DB

11-27-2011, 11:11 AM
A small tip as we wanted to be able to monitor GroupWare, know if its really working in terms of showing user data, etc.

This idea came after one day our main server wasnt able to access MySQL via NAT IP and our monitoring didn't help much as it monitored the external IP. We now added PRTG remote probe to server so it really monitors connection to MySQL from within the server.

Bulldust's script on sending admin ERROR LOG in case there's something there can also be extremely useful if you use backup database for accounts/antispam/groupware in IceWarp, since then the backup DB will be populated and can cause a big mess and require you to sync back to the production database server.

So to monitor GroupWare in depth, we created an account just for this purpose, set ACL rights to everyone on EVENTS and added a recurrent event.

Then we use PRTG with HTTP advanced sensor to auto login to webclient basic calendar and look for a certain word:


Working nicely.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do the same to monitor antispam? I thought of an HTTP sensor to access /reports, however the URL changes dynamically and mail is deleted from quarantine/spam, so not sure on the best way to do it.

Also, we monitor access to MySQL via remote probe using a URL to login to /admin, as such:


For us this really helps, along with PRTG monitoring of mail queues/folders (In and out, to detect abuse or performance issues), round trip email test, monitor DNSBLs, etc.

All the best,