View Full Version : Using a proxy to escape from routing issues to access WebClient

04-02-2012, 10:16 AM
Howdy to everyone,

A small tip we've used in some situations where some customers had routing issues to our IceWarp Server or even to our web servers.

Using another IceWarp Server hosted somewhere else, what we do is create a Tunnel (System/Tools/SSL Tunnel) and something like this:

source -> :80
destination -> x.x.x.x:80 (our IceWarp Server's IP)

So users are told to access the icewarp proxy server and they can access WebClient Pro just fine. Notice, if you have just 1 IP on the tunnel server, click STOP on IceWarp's Web (System/Services), so it doesn't interfere.

It works beautifuly and you can use with other protocols also.

Here's an example of redirecting a certain site with requests coming from a specific IP. So, for example, www.mysite.com isnt loading due to routing issues. You point WWW on DNS to the tunnel machine, so it loads through it. Or even create a new host for your customer such as www2 that tunnels through icewarp (to escape from routing issues).;,www.mysite.com:80;,,

Another idea, simpler, is to give your customers access to http://www.armyproxy.com, but then it only works with WebClient Basic. They have to specify in this site http://webmail.yourdomain.com/webmail/basic

All the best,