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  • IMAP migration/backup tools

    1) http://www.broobles.com/imapsize (Windows, freeware) - backup IMAP accounts, transfer content between IMAP accounts

    2) http://home.arcor.de/armin.diehl/imapcopy (Linux/Windows, freeware) - Migrates IMAP accounts between servers. Advantage is that end users can use this tool, without require IceWarp administrator to do so via the console.

    Another commonly used method is to simply setup an IMAP accounts and drags emails into it. Some email clients let you drag all local folders into an IMAP account's root.

    3) IMAPSync - Great tutorial on how to use what is considered one of the best IMAP migration tools out there (for Linux).


    4) http://isync.sourceforge.net/ (Linux, freeware) - isync is a command line application which synchronizes mailboxes; currently Maildir and IMAP4 mailboxes are supported. New messages, message deletions and flag changes can be propagated both ways. isync is suitable for use in IMAP-disconnected mode.
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    Hi, i've made a script for import of vcard files,
    all vcard files are saved as username.txt

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    Script to import data into vCards

    hsw on 08-13-2016