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Thread: would icewarp work?

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    Post would icewarp work?


    I'm looking for a ultra-high-availability mail solution. I've been looking at many solutions where one of them is Icewarp.

    My set-up consists of a globaly distributed DNS solution pointing at two or more separate locations. Using different ISP's at the different locations. For WEB mail a load balanced round-robing (same 'name' different A record pointers).

    I need a server solution where both locations can act as a 'master' since the round robin solution will send the users to both servers. The database needs to be able to be synchronized between the two locations also.

    so my questions.

    1. how is the databases replicated? ( This is done by icewarp or do you rely on for example a mysql replication with multiple masters?)

    2. do icewarp support simultanious masterservers? (The clients can 'land' on any server without noticing any difference)

    3. What data speed do you recomend between the servers in a 100 user enviroment?

    Thank you for helping.

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    Hello Anders,

    I will try to answer your questions in order.

    1. This is done outside of IceWarp, so you would need to employ external replication services for this to occur.

    2. Yes, very easily actually. As long as the servers have the same data (Mail, accounts, settings, etc.) then each server will be seen exactly the same by all users, this goes all the way down to logo's for webmail, etc.

    3. This is really not something we have a recommendation on. I can say though it is always best to go over then under in terms of speed, storage, memory, etc. as this will always come back to how well your environment performance is overall.



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    Hi, Anders

    Just a thought, so youre going to have 2 separate Icewarp installations in different remote locations, how are you going to share the config folder (and mail folder) remotely, so they share the same settings, emails, etc? Or that's not an issue?

    With the DB mirroring (like MySQL cluster) or even something simpler like dbconvert that syncs from time to time (IceWarp has a feature to backup the DB to another DB during its system backup), you'll have the accounts, but not all the settings in the shared folders, not sure if that will be a problem for you, some things possibly like autoresponders and several icewarp settings are in there.

    You talk about a fully redundant cenario and what you propose is interesting, however youre aware, since you have round robbin set, if one box is down, user might have to try a couple of times to get through to the box that's online...

    We have a load balanced setup via hardware, but even with it, of course, problems can arise. What we've been thinking of doing, which is not so expensive, is having an extra IceWarp in a different datacenter and robocopy the mail folder from time to time. Its better then email becoming totally inacessible, our users would access webmailbackup.domain.com in the rare ocasions our production load balanced setup is offline. Some datacenter offer fiber connection between datacenters, which would really be nice, but surely expensive...

    Another idea is to have a secondary MX that can receive emails. You can do this with icewarp, by making the secondary MX forward emails to the primary server (that's offline), by using the syntax @mainserver.icewarp.com:joe@domain.com (you can set it as a template so it gets created for each user, with variables). The downside, in my opinion, is that user's might think main server is offline (due to routing issues, for example) and go to the secondary MX, but it's not receiving any mail. Besides all the extra spam, although you can have an antispa on the secondary MX. So I think Ill persue the cenario with Robocopy.

    There are also the more expensive solutions like cloud computing, but unsure how that would work with the mail server.

    Hope it helps, we can exchange some ideas, as Im always thinking of ways to make the system more redundant and fail proof. Nothing worse then going offline in terms of email.

    Best regards.

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    Has there been any advances in this field since this was posted, maybe more in-depth information on how to achieve this result?

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    IceWarp has load balancing support that is based on shared storage (for mail and config) and shared database. This was designed for a local cluster. Using a database replication and a distributed filesystem, the servers could be geographically disperse in theory. In practice, there is a problem with latency. Any change in one location has to be replicated elsewhere. The time it takes to replicate is time that either everything must wait or time in which the state could become inconsistent (another server modified same data unaware of the prior change).

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    Also, AFAIK, IceWarp does plan to move a lot of things to database and not file system and that would help the high availability cenarios... There were plans also on some type of icewarp fail over solution, but I believe it depends on such improvements, on moving things to DB.

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