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Thread: calendar bug

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    calendar bug

    Hello, I write here because I don't know what else I can do. We found a bug from calendar and Icewarp confirmed it as a bug(BYN-590-39392). They said (Michal) "it will automatically corrected in January 2018", but couple of our customers are now continuously complaining about this and they demand an urgent fix.
    I asked from Icewarp if it is possible to fix before that but they don't answer me.
    I still try to be kind of positive and think that there must be a reason. Maybe support don't receive my emails or maybe I don't receive emails from support, so can someone answer me here?

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    Hello Arto,

    We are always trying our best and yes, this issue to be solved is expected in January 2018 and earlier it is not possible, unfortunately.
    You reported this issue on October 30 to our old ticket system which was officially closed on October 22, we communicated this in advance to all customers.
    Even though we tried to figure out where the problem is and thank you for reporting this bug.

    Please create all new requests in the future through our homepage here:

    Thank you for your understanding.
    Kind Regards,

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