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Thread: imap problem

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    imap problem

    I have a user that was having problems getting email. On the mail server they are set for pop3 & imap. They had one device set as pop3 and another set as imap. One of our techs copied their email from the users inbox to a holding folder. They then copied them back when they realized the user had exceeded the pst file size. We have now set up both devices as imap. It appears to be syncing older emails but not new ones since the copy out. Is there a way to get it to resync everything on both devices?


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    looks like you are talking about outlook? You can do many things, but almost every time the final fix is to remove accounts from outlook and then create them again. AND REMEMBER: always and I mean ALWAYS export pst before removing accounts from outlook.

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    Archive EVERYTHING to a pst file. Delete account, profile and mail profile from outlook and start fresh. Open the Archive file in Outlook and they have all there old emails that were downloaded to Outlook. Good luck.

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